Tribute toRussell Williams
at Johnny Fingers
July 3, 2005
Alder Eagle Blues Band played at Johnny Fingers in
Victorivlle on July 3, 2005 in memory of Russell Williams.
Johnny Fingers
15863 Lorene Drive
Victorville, Ca.
(760) 241-0804
We all had a GREAT time and met
lots of fun and friendly new people!!
Remembering names is not one of my better qualities.  
Please email your names to
if you'd like them to appear on this page, or any
comments you'd like with your pictures!
Vern Shumake, Kara Nelson (Russell's Mom), Steve
Brown, and Scott Harpst.  Russell played guitar and
harmonica with the Alder Eagle Blues Band.
Mike Capalbo and Uncle Vern.  Both of them had
known Russell for many years... since high school!!
Three of the six Alder Eagle band members were able to come to
Victorville, Vern, Scott and Steve.  Mike did a wonderful job of
playing bass with us, and Patrick held us together on the drums.  
Sing it, Uncle Vern!  Russell is listening!
We miss you, Russell!!
Steve Brown does it with soul!
Scott plays his new guitar for Russell.
Mike on bass, Scott on harmonica, and
Patrick on drums.  Make that sound happen!
Patrick had never played with us, but
you'd never know it!  Thanks, Patrick!
Mike was great on the
bass.  Thanks, Mike!!
Mike also sings backup vocals.
Finally a shot of Scott without a microphone
or harmonica in his mouth!
Some of the friendly folks we met at Johnny Fingers.
These friendly people sat next to Kara and me (Sandy La La) and
carefully watched over my champagne!  Thanks!!
Everyone at Johnny Fingers was so
friendly and made us feel at home.  
Steve Brown wailing on that guitar.
Johnny Fingers must be the friendliest place in
The weather was perfect for an outdoor jam session.  
Check out the beautiful sunset in the background.
These young ladies enjoy the music
and friends at Johnny Fingers.
We just never ran out of friendly people at
Johnny Fingers.  Thanks to everyone!!
Play those Beatle songs from
Barbara... and they did!!
Mike and Uncle Vern catch up on the old times.
Please email with your
names and the name of your band!  You guys were great!!
Go Mike!  Play them bongos!!
Scott, Kara, and that obnoxious
picture taker, Sandy.
Uncle Vern, Scott, Kara, and Steve.
Click here to read the Note
from Kara Williams Nelson,
Russell's Mom.