Tribute toRussell Williams
at Johnny Fingers
July 3, 2005
Alder Eagle Blues Band played at Johnny Fingers in
Victorivlle on July 3, 2005 in memory of Russell Williams.
I wish to thank you all for your support and comfort to my
daughters and me during this past year. This difficult time has
been eased by your thoughts and cards and especially your

During the past year I have come to think that perhaps Russell
was not really aware of your respect for him and your fondness
of him.

The night my dad died I had a very vivid dream of him; the
morning my mother passed on she was very much in my
thoughts. But I had no "visitation" from my son.

I have watched for a "sign" from Russell and perhaps found it in
a stage show Russell's step-dad and I saw last January, six
months after Russell's death.  The show is called "Forever
Plaid." If you are not familiar with the storyline, very briefly, it
concerns a quartet of singers on the way to their first paid gig
when they are killed in a traffic accident. They've been in limbo
for thirty years.

As gruesome as it sounds, the play is filled with happy song
from the 50s when I was in high school that were popular again
in the 70s when my kids were in school. At the last of the last
act, one of the singers wants to stay alive, but another talks
about "maybe their time is up, maybe they will never again
hit that bass note so well or play the perfect E flat chord. Maybe
they should leave well-enough alone and go on. . ." to wherever.

Perhaps a higher being felt Russ had done his best--who is to

We have celebrated his life and mourned for ourselves that we
won't be with him in this lifetime again. Let's take something
positive from having known him: Hug those you love and tell
them how much you care. Don't take anyone for granted,
especially your children.

Russ' ashes are in the Rose Garden at Victor Valley Memorial
Park at 11th and D Streets. He rests in peace with my mother, a
cousin, an uncle and my grandparents.

Thank you again. Let's move on--he would have wanted that.

Fondly and Sincerely,
Kara Williams Nelson
Kara Williams Nelson