Tribute to Russell Williams
Cask 'n Cleaver
July 10, 2004
Steve Brown, Vern Shumake, Tim Allen, and Scott Harpst
sing songs in rememberance of Russell.
Alder Eagle is the house band for the Cask 'n
Cleaver.  We played here about once a month with
Railroad Boy               Written by  Russell Williams

Well, when I as a young boy, by my mama's side
Down that silver rail, I did wanna ride.
Sat up on a hill, by the railroad track
Big ol' oak tree, stuck behind my back.
Strummin' that guitar that was in my hand,
Then I stop to wave at the train drivin' man, singin'


By the time I was 14, I was on the road.
Lookin' for some black coal to load.
Pittsburg, Chicago, St. Louey too.
Look out K.C. 'cause I'm a-rollin' through.
Rockies up ahead I'm a rollin' toward the coast.
Jammin' down that high grade is what I love the most, singin'.


Never been a woman could ever hold me down.
Ridin' on that freight train has kept me movin' 'round.
Forty years on the rail and ya know just how I feel.
All my life I been a big drivin' wheel.
Well, I know I'm gonna die, but it's no joke.
When I leave, I'll be blowin' black smoke, singin'.

Russell's friends and family celebrate his love of music.