Uncle Vern is looking cool in his shades.
Scott sings with feeling.  He always
puts a lot into his performance.
Scotty Prilliman loves to play.  You can see it on his
face and feel it in his music.
Patrick adds so much fun and energy to everything
we do.  He can always make us laugh!
Steve is passionate about his music and
about having fun.  How many "Eagle
Shirts" does he have?
Frank Krajenbrink,  our good friend from the
Albert Heijn Band, showed up in the last set to
help us out on bass.  Frank is looking very
dapper (well, he had been to a wedding!).  
We had a small but enthusiastic audience.   We did have a lot of fun!  Professor
Dan Farrell was celebrating his daughter's birthday, but Frank jumped right in.  
Thanks Frank.  The Albert Heijn Band plays regularly at the Cask.  Both bands
have played at the last three Orange Picking Parties.
Our good buddy Joel Plante has been taking some great
pictures and shooting video of the band.  Joel is a fine
drummer too!  He really seems to enjoy sitting in with us.  I
know we sure like it!
Alder Eagle played at the Cask 'n
Cleaver in Orange on May 6, 2006
Alder Eagle Blues Band
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