Alan O'Day wrote such famous songs as "UnderCover
Angel" and "Angie Baby".
Alan O'Day is exceptional on the keyboard and
a terrific singer!  We enjoyed his performance
with Alder Eagle!
Thanks Alan!!
Please visit Gerad's website at  
Mr. B is a very talented Singer-Songwriter
Mr. B's music fits in with Alder Eagle's style
quite nicely.
Mr. B kept everyone entertained during our breaks.
The music never stopped on September 3rd, 2005.
Alan O'Day
Guest Artists and "Alternate Eagles "
We love to have our Friends jam with us!
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Gerad Stemke
Mr. 'B'
Alexa Cobb was a full-fledged
Alder Eagle
from August 2012
until September 2017
.  She
has been jamming with us
since she was 11 years old!  
She gets better every year.  
She is a passionate and
talented singer with fine
guitar skills too.
Mary Titus is a flute
professional and teacher.  
She adds some real class
to our sound and she
loves to rock out!
Dennis Toomey became a
"Full-Flegded" Alder Eagle in
August 2017.  He had been
playing solo acoustic during
our breaks and sitting in with
us for several years.  He is a  
mellow man with great style
and feeling.
Scott Harpst is a skilled  
singer-songwriter and strong
soloist.  Scott played
harmonica, guitar and keyboard
with us from 2003 to 2010.   
Scotty Prilliman played
electric 5-string violin with us
from 2004 to 2008.  His
playing so tasty and fiery!  He
can really shred and provide
sublime  accompaniment
Patrick was our drummer from
2004 until Feb. 2013.  His passion
for music, great humor, tasteful
drumming , and vocals are
hallmarks of the Alder Eagle spirit.
Frank Krajenbrink is a great
singer and bass player.  His
band, The Albert Heijn Group,
has played with us many times.  
We love to have Frank sit in with
us and sing a couple of songs.
Tom Blankenship is a superb
harmonica player and singer.  
Tom was with Alder Eagle
from 2000 to 2003.  We love to
kick up some jumpin' blues
with Tom when he sits in.  He
is a really fun guy!
Click here for a bio of Patrick