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2012 - The Streamliner Lounge in Ruby's Diner Orange Depot
We played several gigs in this wonderful venue in 2012
Below are pictures from March through December
You might guess this was March 17th and Patrick was in his glory
singing Carrickfergus and several other fine Irish tunes.
September 1st - Alexa Cobb has joined the band as a full fledged
Alder Eagle.  She adds great lead vocals, excellent harmonies, and
fine guitar skills.  Oh, and she plays keyboards and harmonica!  
Truly an awesome young woman.
Our good friend Mary Titus plays wonderful flute!  
She is a real crowd pleaser and inspires us to play
our best!  Thanks so much Mary!
We were joined by our friend Kevin Strope who sang a great version
of "Wicked Games" with harmonies by Alexa.  Kevin is now playing
bass with our good friends Dawg Haus.  Thanks Kevin!
We decked the halls and ourselves to celebrate the holidays on
Dec. 8th.  Sandy Lala did a great job decorating and spreading
Christmas Cheer!  Thanks Baby!
We had a multiple "Elvis" visit complete with red velvet fedoras -
very festive indeed!
We also celebrated Uncle Vern
and Marsha's birthdays.  Best
wishes to our wonderful friends.
Brian, our favorite bartender is a fine drummer!  
So many talents and a great guy too!
"horny" headgear.  Are antlers actually horny?  Could be!