Cask 'n Cleaver - Sept. 26, 2008
Kenny and T's Birthday Celebrations
Special Guests: Ariana Attie,
Dennis Toomey, Alexa Cobb and
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Kenny and T are our fantastic
bartenders!  Their birthdays are just
one day apart.  Judy Low brought this
wonderful cake for all to share.  
Thanks Judy!  By the way, Kenny only
bites cake......never customers!
Ariana Attie is a very talented
song-writer with a beautiful
voice.  Thanks for performing for
our friends during our break.
Alexa Cobb has been jamming
with us for a couple years and
just keeps getting better and
better!  She is a soulful singer
with some serious guitar
chops!  This girl really rocks!
player and a very nice lady!