Cask 'n Cleaver - Oct. 18, 2008
Special Guests: Flute Player Mary Titus,
Dennis Toomey, Tom Blankenship,
Joel Plante, and "Pseudo-Elvis's"
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The Young Ladies in little black dresses were NOT our back-up
singers.........oh well!  They were having a Batchlorette party in
the banquet room, but they did seem to enjoy our music.  
You know why we love the Cask 'n Cleaver!
Our good friends:  Steve and Myra Snow,
Jean Davis, Michael Goff, Marsha Allen,
with Joel Plante and Tom Blankenship of the
Dawg Haus Blues Band.
The "Alder Eagle Dancers":  Jonni Toomey, Sandy
LaLonde and Marsha Allen.  These ladies inspire us to
keep the groove going!  Love You Girls!
Jonni and Dennis Toomey
share a romantic turn on
the dance floor.  We could
feel the Love!
friends for many years.  We have
really enjoyed Michael's visit.  
Hope you can return soon Man!