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Alder Eagle at the Cask 'n Cleaver in Orange, Dec. 6th, 2008
We were joined by some of our best friends.
Silly Christmas hats and some cool Christmas Blues tunes.
This photo was sent to us by a new
friend, Gary Parriott.  Thanks Gary, we
really enjoyed playing for you!
Steve's very silly hat was so appropriate for
Uncle Vern's version of "Christmas Time".  
You had to be there to believe it!  
Yes, a hat that lights up and pops an erection!
The ever-lovely Kara and Ron Nelson.  
Kara is Russell Williams Mother, and will
It is always a joy to see LynnAnn and Frank
Krajenbrink.  Frank's band, The Albert Heijn
Group also plays regularly at the Cask.  
Check our Cask page for dates for all the
entertainment at the Orange Cask.
Marsha Allen, Marco Guzman and Martin
Simon have been some our best friends
for years.  Love You All!!