Brother Doug Brown joins Alder Eagle for a few songs.
Steve Brown, Scott Harpst and Doug Brown do a little jamming.
Uncle Vern  flashes a big smile!!
Scott does it with feeling.
Professor Dan with a sly smile.  
What is he thinking??
Love that eagle shirt, Pat!!
Steve and Scott belt out the Midnight Special with passion.
Uncle Vern looking cool behind the keyboard.
Where's Patrick??
Get that guitar out of my face!!
Look Ma, No hands!
Play that guitar, Uncle Vern!   He can do it all!!
Sing it for us, Uncle Vern!!
Alder Eagle played at the Cask 'n
Cleaver in Orange in June 25, 2005
Alder Eagle Blues Band
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I caught the band warming up before their performance.
Patrick McCormack in his new Natty head gear,
eagle shirt, and check out those legs!!!
Scott is very happy with his NEW Taylor.
Scott is serious about his Blues, seriously!
Look into the eye of the eagle.....
The "Harp" JAMS!!
Scott does a solo.
Our Ace Rhythm section - The Booze Brothers!