First row - Kirby in the Orange Shirt,
and Grace in the white pants.  These
folks know how to party!!
Thanks Rick and Marlys for bringing a chair for me!!  
Left to Right next to the empty chair are Marlys, Pat,
Rick, and Bob.
What a surprise to see John Warren (red shirt) a Varco
employee, and his son, Shawn.
Rocking Horse Ridge is a beautiful place with Beautiful People!!
More Rocking Horse Ridge Residents
relaxing and listening to the music.
Uncle Vern's fingers dance across those keys.
Great fun, Great Music, Great Day
Steve and Scott
What a beautiful Sunset!!
The Rhythm section, Patrick and Dan
also known as "The Booze Brothers".
It's getting dark, but the band plays
on.  Dan and Vern are pictured here.
What a view the guys had to watch
as they played their songs!
This is the friendliest group of people I've met.  
Thanks to all of you for hanging out with us!!
Sandy La Londe (AKA web monster for Alder
Eagle) and friend Marlys, snap their own picture.  
What happened to our halos??
We'd like to thank Kirby and Grace for
the gracious invitation.  We had a blast!
Another Thanks to Marlys and Rick
Sturrus for their  recommendation!!!
We'd love to add names to the pictures.  If you
recognize anyone in the pictures, please email us at
Alder Eagle Blues Band
Performs at
Rocking Horse Ridge
July 23, 2005
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Steve Brown, Scott Harpst, Patrick McCormack,
Dan Farrell, and Vern Shumake
Scott, Patrick and Dan rock out
watching that incredible sunset.
husband, Bob "chilling out"!