Uncle Vern was in his "Train" outfit.  
He sure gets into the spirit of the day!
Professor Dan had on his Santa Fe Railroad
Shirt.  He is a real train buff too!
These lovely and colorful Ladies were dancing
to "Locomotive Breath" and the "Fullerton
Shake"  They were really good dancers, for
Scott was wailing on the Blues Harp,
making those trains sounds.
Patrick kept us driving down them tracks!
Scotty Prilliman's Electric Violin sounded so sweet!  
Steve belted out them blue train songs, but they won't let him
drive the train, even if he does have an engineer's hat!
Our very good friend and photographer Joel
Plante showed up to shoot video and take
pictures.  He has a beautiful Harley.  The law
says you must wear a helmet, they don't say
it  can't be very cool!  Thanks so much Joel!
There was lots of good food to go
with the great entertainment, but
frankly, this Hot Dog looks a little
tough....bad pun....sometimes I
can't help myself....sorry!
RailRoad Days in Fullerton
May 6th 2006
Alder Eagle Blues Band
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This was our fourth year playing for The Fullerton Railroad Days Festival.  
We do one hour of our favorite train songs.  We end our set with  "The
Fullerton Shake", which Steve wrote in 2004 especially for this occasion.
We were preceded by the excellent
"Tuesday Night Barbershop Quartet".
what he had to do with trains, but he
looks very good for his age!