Aaron Eacott is the first contestant to show off his talents on the
drums.  He's quite serious listening to the music as he auditions.
Aaron looks a bit more relaxed, but it was getting past his bed time.
Sandy La La tries her hands at the drums.  What??  
Is Patrick trying to trip her up?
Wendy Coleman has it going!  She's not falling for
Patrick's trick advice!
Mike from Johnny Fingers in Victorville tries a
different tactic ... Bongos.  Clever, but will it work??
Patrick comes right back  with his famous one
handed bongo/Tecate that's so hot, it blurs.
Gunter took that on as a personal challenge.  He made a
blur out of the whole room, but again, he used 2 hands!!
Sandy La La tries again.  But Wait, who's that
trying once again to confuse her?
Michele performs her audition with no help from
Patrick.  She will get extra points for the legs!!  
Gunter and Michele try the duet, but wait,  I see 3 hands coming
from Michele.  Is that within the guidelines of the contest??  Is
that why Gunter is smiling??
Pat and Michele try the duet thing as well.  Let's
just confuse the judges as much as we can!!!
Joel Plante tries to outsmart everyone
by playing his electronic drums!  
While Joel's not looking, Matt Simon sneaks in
to get his audition.  He looks nervous.
Matt's sister, Joan, can't resist the lure of
the drums, nor the fierce competition.
Aha.... A close up shows the judges it's a Tama Rhythm
Watch - basically a fancy metronome.  Hmm.. the  judges
have lots to consider.
But wait, who is this contestant?!?  It's a microphone on a
chair with some device?!?!?  The judges seem confused.
Whoa!  The judges have a very difficult decision to make.  We have to be
concerned about bedtimes, cute legs, nice smile, and the perfect
Come to our next gig to see who wins!!
Marsha is SO good, she doesn't even need drums!  
Plus her bedtime is much later than Aaron's.  
Patrick looks very worried.  This is really
stiff competition.
Wait, Sandy La La is coming back.  Forget Patrick's
advice, but watch out for that violin bow!!
Patrick, also from Johnny Fingers in Victorville, tries to
confuse the judges by using the same name as Patrick.
Patrick is not worried.  He's sporting his new natty
head gear, eagle t-shirt and feeling fine.  The legs
might be a little to white for the judges, but good try!
Drummer Auditions for the
Alder Eagle Blues Band
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No fair giving me the finger during tryouts!!
Gunter tries his hands at the Vibra I
want to try the Vibra Slap!!
Marsha enters in the Tambourine competition.  
AND she doesn't spill a drop of her drink!  
Extra points for that!