Cask & Cleaver April 15, 2006
Alexa Cobb joined us for "The Midnight Special".  
Her Dad and Mom, Alan and Sue Cobb, have been
friends with Steve for many years.
Alexa has a great voice and plays several
Dennis Toomey sang and played during our first break.  
He has a very mellow style.  Many thanks Buddy!
We are very impressed with Alexa!  We hope she will jam with us again very soon!
Judy Low brought a beautiful cake to celebrate
Sandy and Steve's birthdays.  The cake was
delicious!  Thanks Judy, you are so thoughtful and
Ellen Boston is rocking out!  Dennis, Joe Peters and Marco
Guzman provide enthusiastic support!
Sandy and Dr. David Brick invite everyone to dance,
laugh and enjoy the party!  How could anyone resist!
Cecilia Tharp and Phil Ross are friends of Dan and
Margot Farrell.  Beautiful Smiles!!
Patrick's friends Dana Cooper, Tom Fain, and Dana's husband
Brian Hester are having lots of fun!
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Birthdays, Alexa Cobb, Dennis Toomey, and "The Clams"
Joel is a fine photographer too!  It is great to have
such multi-talented friends!