Cask & Cleaver
Bob and Kathy Levay have known Sandy for years.  
Bob works with Steve at Varco.
Glenn is the Engineer on the Metrolink train Steve
rides to work each morning.
He is accompanied by his lovely daughter.
Dave Lucero works with Steve and has known Sandy for years.
The very lovely Keri Larsen and Cheryl Jacobson are ready
to dance and help Steve surprise Sandy.
Wade Jacobson and Rick Larsen are looking very cool.  
They are almost as cute as their wives!!
Joe Jenkins was the best man at Dan's
wedding.  He is also a musician.
Sandy's cousins, Deedee and Jon Gunderson were on hand to
help with the surprise.  Jon works with Mykael, and he too is a
guitarist and bass player.  It was wonderful to have so many
friends and family with us on this special occasion!!  
Sandy loves her cousin Jon.  He is a great guy!!
Mykael and Carla Doty are new friends of Sandy and
Steve.  Mykael is a hot guitar player!!
Our good friend, Judy Low, is
the best planner for parties!  
Thanks, Judy!
Dennis Toomey's son Skylar
enjoys the great food at Cask
'n Cleaver
Left to right:  Joe, Kenny, Kathy,
Donna (Steve's Mom), and Doug (Steve's brother)
Joe Peters and Martin are our "bar buddies" at the Cask.
Thanks for the balloon drop, Joe!!
Peggy and "her" kids.  Everyone loves Peggy!
Chris and Cindy enjoying their wine
and the music from the Alder Eagle
Blues band.
Lauradee and Craig
Sandy with Bob Dandurand, Steve's
friend and co-worker at Varco.
Joel and Rietta Plante are here for the
BIG surprise!
Sandy with Coie
Dr. David Brick is the "Dancing Dr."
He kept all the ladies on their toes!
Christine and Jon Ward with their friends Johna and Rick
Soon to be the best Mom-in-law,
Donna, and Sandy exchange hugs.
The music is good.......but
maybe just a little loud for
these young ears!!!
Wade and Cheryl Jacobson -
Love is forever.
Rick and Kari Larsen put on
their dancing shoes.
Cheryl and Marco.  
They're everyone's buddies.
Sheri, her husband and lovely friend.
Professor Dan surrounded by his daughter
Becky, Sheri, students and hearty partiers!!
Gunther and his lovely guest.
Craig Vasquez and his  lovely wife
are having a good time!
Becky and her friend do a little dirty
dancing.  Whoa, they're having TOO much
Friends of the Band
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Dennis Toomey, Jonni Holley, and Dennis's son Zach
waiting for me to get out of the way so they can dig into
their food!
Darrin, Jonni's son, intently
studies the band.
Michele is proud of this great group!