Cask & Cleaver
Who is this cute couple?  
We really need your help identifying our new friends.
Alan & Sandy Hall, Matt & Christine Wells hold down
the  seats at bar.  What are they looking at?  
Is somebody's fly open?
Street Fair Weekend in Orange really brings out the crowd.  
Look at all the mass consumption!    
Matt Wells shows off the "Tip Jar Skull".  
But what does our guest performer, Mr. B think of it?
Look at those smiling faces - It is a fun time!
Dennis has the best hair of anybody there -
Male or Female!
Dan is so popular because of his great big......Bass Guitar!!
And of course, his wit, charm and intellect!!
Carla and Mykael - Jon and Deedee, can you feel the love?
Yes, Up IS that way!!
The HARP gang puts on their best innocent looks!  
Patrick, Gunter, and Shane!
Professor Dan and his most wild, I mean BEST students.
Friendship is such a beautiful thing!!
Sandy's Best friend, Jean from Phoenix,
puts on the Blues Look!
The latest rage, the TP shawl modeled by Sherri.
Scott and his fellow teacher friends.  Welcome ladies!!
Our special guest, Mr. B kept everyone entertained during
our breaks.  Thanks for a great job Mr. B!!  He will be back!!
The two "Flashers", Marsha and Sandy.
Professor Dan is very popular with his students.  
Why are they all beautiful young women?  
I am sure the guys like him too!
Friends of the Band
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