Cask & Cleaver
Dee Dee and Jon Gunderson
Sandy LaLa's cousin and his girlfriend
Joe and Tina
Bob Dandurand
Ex-Varco and once again
Varco employee
Doug Brown -
Steve Brown's brother
Lovely Lisa took wonderful
care of us!!
Margot and Cecelia
Lisa, Scott, and Sheri (Dan Farrell's top student)
Ever and Matt
Jeff Geyer with Jackie and
Phil Vice
Pat and Jenny placing their orders with
Lisa.  Lovely sunset in the windows!!
Facing us is Marissa (Vic & Donna's daughter),  Vic and Donna,
Jean and Becki.  Back of the heads of Joe, Cecelia, and Margot
Margot and Cecelia enjoying the music!
Becki, Margot, Cecelia, Dan's cousin Colette and her
husband Curt Sewell, and  Joe Jenkins
And the Alder Eagles rock on!!!
Kristin Kew  (one of
Dan's students) and
her brother , Matt
Tracey in the back with Lisa and
Sheri(Dan Farrell's most fun
student) in the front.
Lisa, Sherri (Dan Farrell's most serious
student), Matt, Kristin, and Tracey
Break time for Alder Eagle
Brother Doug Brown
Standing - Margot and her yougest sister Jean, and Pat
Sitting - Lisa and Corky Burnett
Jeff Geyer - Friend and
supplier for Varco
Marsha Allen - Eaglette Dancer
Brian, Scott, Nikki, Kristin, Sheri (Dan Farrell's
favorite student), Mike and Lisa
Doug Brown and Jeff Geyer
1/2 of Dan Farrell, Steve Brown's butt,
Patrick McCormack and Doug Brown
Justin - Fine Cask employee
and also a musician.
Nikki dancing for the band
Front - Tracey, behind her, Lisa and Sheri (Dan
Farrell's student with the most fun friends)  
then behind Sheri is Mike, Scott, and Brian
Tracey, Kristin
and Matt
Lisa, Nikki and Sheri (Dan
Farrell's student whose
friends have the biggest
Alder Eagle watches Sheri (Dan Farrell's most
shy student) and Kristin ... um... dance?
Jerry and Megan
Megan is Joe Jenkins youngest daughter.
Friends of the Band
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Becki Farrell, Dan's oldest daughter.  
Sorry, Becki, that's what Dan said.
back with Jenny.