Cask & Cleaver
Judy Low, LA
Train Buddy
Dennis Toomey,
Varco employee
and friend.
Steve Brown , Judy Low, and
Joe Peters
Gerad Stemke - Guest Singer
Joe Peters, Cask
friend and Orange
Bill Zonne, works with
Steve at Varco.
Cheryl and Wade Jacobson, Steve
Brown's train buddies.
Ernie Acosta and Heather
Ernie is retired from Varco.
Dave Lucero, works with
Steve Brown at Varco
Justin Krajenbrink, son of Frank
and girlfriend Sarra.  Justin plays
drums in the Albert Heijn Band.
Brent Williams, Our Bartender's
Last day before moving to San
Mary Kauffman and her daughter, Megan
Runyon (whose husband is Josh)
Mary Kauffman (Dan Farrell's
sister), Joe Jenkins, Josh Runyon,
Curt Kauffman (Mary's husband)
Brent's Mom and Dad
Joe Jenkins, Dan Farrell's friend
for years and Best man at their
Brian Whitemore - General Manager
of the Cask 'n Cleaver
Marsha Allen
Eaglette Dancer, and long
term friend of the band.
Lovely Nichole - Hostess at the
Cask 'n Cleaver
Terry Topino and Brent Williams
Our bartenders for the night.
Debbie Peterson - bartender
extraordinaire , Cheryl, and Joe
Ken and Debbie - our
servers supreme
Trevor Swenson - Manager at
the Cask 'n Cleaver
Dennis Toomey, Jim Faydock, and Bill Zonne
Marsha, Cheryl, and Wade
Peggy Barthel, ex-sister-in-law of
Steve Brown and long time friend.
Margot Farrell and Mary Kauffman
Frank and LynnAnn Krajenbrink
Frank also has a band, The
Albert Heijn Band that Plays at
the Cask.
Vic & Donna Zaferson,
Neighbors of Dan and
Margot Farrell
Mary & Curt Kauffman
Marco Guzman, ex-Cask 'n Cleaver
Manager and friend of the band.
Sandy La Londe AKA "LaLa",
Steve Brown's main squeeze.
Dancer's Sandy "LaLa" and Cheryl
Sandy LaLa  - Eaglette Dancer
Dancin' to the Music!
Dan - Local friend of the band.
Margot Farrell, wife of
bass player, Dan Farrell.
Friends of the Band
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