Steve proposes to Sandy at the Cask 'n Cleaver
Sandy dances along to "Champagne Lady" surrounded by friends
Beautiful!  Look at that smile!
She knows it is "Her Special Song"
"Sandra Rose La Londe,
will you marry me?"
What is going on?  Why did he stop singing?
I think she said "Yes!"
Our friend Joe Peters devised a surprise "Balloon Drop" for
the big moment.  Thanks Joe, it was excellent!!
Oooo!  Look at all those sparkles!
A big kiss to seal the proposal
And a really big hug!
The happy couple with a beautiful cake.
And it was delicious, too.
Our friend, Judy Low brought the cake.
And she took most of these great photos too!!
Thanks Judy, you are so sweet!!
Yes, we are really happy!!
Our Engagement
Steve & Sandy
November 12, 200
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